How to Transport a Kayak on Your Toyota

Kayak on Roof Rack | Robbins, TX

A great way to escape the heat in Texas is to spend a day on the water. Many people invest in kayaks as an affordable alternative to a boat. But how are you supposed to transport a kayak? Fortunately, if you own a Toyota, it’s relatively easy to transport one or two kayaks to your favorite spots like Wright Patman Lake or the Cathedral Paddling Trail in Karnack.

Roof rack

If you have an SUV like the Toyota 4Runner or Highlander, you can attach your kayaks to the roof rack. If they didn’t come already installed, or you only have side rails, you can get a full roof rack installed at Robbins Toyota.

Kayak attachments

To help keep your kayaks secure, you may consider purchasing a kayak attachment. This will keep your kayaks in place while you drive. You can choose from multiple varieties including J-cradles, saddles, and stackers.

Loading the kayak

Once you have the right tight of roof equipment, you should be able to easily load and attach your kayak to the roof of your Toyota. While it is possible to do this alone, it will be easier and safer with two people. Each person can hold one end of the kayak while you both maneuver it into position. Make sure all straps and buckles are secured properly before you start driving.

If you’ve got the kayaks but not the Toyota, visit Robbins Toyota in Nash, Texas, to get just the car and accessories you need to transport your gear!