Packing Tips For Your Spring Break Road Trip

spring break road trip - Robbins Toyota - Nash, TX

Going somewhere? Check out these spring break road trip tips before going on your big vacation!

Match your clothes

It’s easier to cut down on clothes when all your apparel matches. If your family’s shirts, dresses, bottoms, and shoes can be mixed and matched into different outfits, you can reduce the space needed in your luggage for clothes.

Remember beach necessities

Going to the coast? Pack multiple bathing suits (because no one likes putting a damp suit back on), beachside snacks, water bottles, pool toys, and — most importantly — sunscreen. Not going to the beach? Bring sunscreen anyway.

Bring chargers

These days, phones do all the legwork on long car rides. It’s where you keep your GPS, your road trip playlist, mobile games, photos, and apps that show you nearby gas and hotel prices. Make sure your phone is charged so you don’t lose access. Your passengers might also have things like an eReader, tablet, or portable gaming devices, so gather all of them up, make sure they’re charged, and bring chargers.

Travel comfortable and take breaks

This isn’t so much a packing tip as a travel tip. You might be tempted to wear jeans in the car, but you’d be better off wearing a comfortable t-shirt and pajama pants. Additionally, it’s important to take breaks every one or two hours to stretch your legs.

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